Installing GridAPPS-D

GridAPPS-D is available using docker containers


  • git
  • docker version 17.12 or higher
  • docker-compose version 1.16.1 or higher

Docker and prerequisite install on OS X

  • git
    • OS X requires xcode
xcode-select --install

Clone or download the repository

git clone
cd gridappsd-docker

Install Docker on Ubuntu

  • run the docker-ce installation script
  • log out of your Ubuntu session and log back in to make the docker groups change active

Start the docker container services

The does the following
  • download the mysql dump file
  • download the blazegraph data
  • start the docker containers
  • ingest the blazegraph data
  • connect to the gridappsd container

Start gridappsd

Now we are inside the executing container

root@737c30c82df7:/gridappsd# ./

Open your browser to http://localhost:8080/

Exiting the container and stopping the containers

Use Ctrl+C to stop gridappsd from running

Restarting the containers


Reconnecting to the running gridappsd container

user@foo>docker exec -it gridappsddocker_gridappsd_1 bash